Hair Extensions

We specialize in all different types of hair extensions. All clients will receive a thorough consultation to determine which extension method, length, and thickness will be the best for them.

Our extension technique and expertise ensure that your extensions last and are easy to manage. We carry only the best quality of hair extension products for an easy to style and natural look.

Each client receives a customized hair extension recommendation to achieve your ideal look and style.

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Hair Extension Styles

Here are the different styles of hair extensions we offer in the salon. We begin with a free consultation to discuss the different styles of hair extensions and your goals to determine the best fit for you. You can view our full hair extensions FAQs here and our hair extension care tips here!

Tape-In Extensions

tape in hair extensions wellington fl

These are the most popular of hair extensions. They are lightweight and great for fine hair. They are extremely flat, flexible, and durable. They can form perfectly to your head allowing for the most comfort and natural fall of the hair which gives you the most natural looking style. You can treat it just like your real hair without the fear of damaging your roots or over-processing your current color.

Clip-In Extensions

clip in hair extensions wellington fl

Clip-in hair extensions are the go-to choice for those considering getting hair extensions for the first time. These soft, “naturally” beautiful extensions come in a wide range of colors and lengths, allowing your stylist to customize a look that’s right for you. Once you’re hooked, you may find your lovely locks feel naked without a few swatches of radiant color and a bit of dramatic length. Clip-in hair extensions easily attach to your natural hair strands. They have clips at the end of the weft for simple application and even simpler removal. Unlike more permanent extensions, clip-in extensions can be taken out in minutes. They won’t pull at the root or cause breakage when switching between looks. This makes them ideal for special occasions. Weddings, parties, and vacations are great reasons for a dramatic hairstyle that you don’t necessarily want to commit to for the long haul.

Keratin-Bond Hair Extensions

keratin bond hair extensions wellington fl

These extensions are applied strand by strand and are time consuming depending on how many bundles you decide on. At the tip of each strand of extension is a square tip which is melted into your individual strand of hair using a hot tool. We then use our hands to manually shape and mold the melted bond around your hair shaft. When it cools, the bond is firm and durable. With the proper placement and blending they are never obvious, especially in a ponytail. The hair flows just like your own.

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